How many of these incredible ladies do you know? I’m going to share the top thought
leaders that really changed my life for the better.

And by the end of the article, you will discover why I love these leaders and how they have taught me to challenge myself, grow in ways I never thought were possible, shown me ways of doing things differently and helped me to believe in myself and my future

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Nicolene Elhadad

At a time when a global pandemic was bringing businesses to a standstill all around the world, Nicolene continued to grow her empire. I was curious and wanted to know what her secret was.

Nicolene has a “get off the couch” attitude and her energy is positively contagious. I joined her 12 month membership Multiply to Millions and her community of like-minded female entrepreneurs has inspired me to take action in my business and future.

Nicolene is the “Franchise Queen” who loves teaching business owners how they can easily add income streams into their business, expand their business to more locations or franchises, dream big, set goals and take even bigger action in their businesses.

You can learn more about Nicolene and her programs and courses here.

Suzi Whitford

When I started to dream about the future I wanted for myself, Suzi’s courses crossed my path. I loved the idea of being able to run an online-based business from anywhere. She teaches people how to start their own blogs and how to create digital products and courses to grow their income. Her bubbly nature and hands-on step-by-step training makes it easy and simple to learn. Her passion to truly help people in the best and easiest way possible shines throughout all of her courses and I have loved learning from her.

You can learn more about Suzi and her courses here.

Lisa Johnson

I took part in Lisa’s Race to Recurring Revenue Challenge in 2020 and just knew that I had to find a way to do her fabulous One to Many course. I signed up for the One to Many course in June 2021 and knew that this was going to help me shape the way I created an income for myself in the future. I knew that I wanted the freedom to live where I want, travel when I want and still be able to earn an income that could support this lifestyle and now I had the right recipe to help me get there.

Lisa is honest and full of integrity, she has a true passion to help other women reach their true potential. She has a no-nonsense approach to teaching people how to design an online business that will fit your personality and skills.

You can learn more about Lisa Johnson and what she offers here.

Tonya Leigh

Tonya’s approach to helping women change their lives by changing their self-image has really been an inspiration to me. She helps women who are feeling tired, stagnant, bored, overwhelmed, and uninspired to live an EXTRAORDINARY life they dream of.

She has an amazing podcast where she shares sprinkles of advice and guidance for women all around the world. She is open and honest about the realities of life, her past and own struggles. She is “real” and so relatable.

You can learn more about Tonya and her School of Self-image here.

Leader #5: Denise Duffield-Thomas

I have read all 3 of Denise’s books!! OMG!! I absolutely love her approach to money and how to master your mindset around money blocks and fears, feeling empowered and ready to earn more, breaking through your income plateaus and stopping self-sabotage and negative habits in our lives.

You can learn more about Denise, her podcast, books and Money Bootcamp Membership here.

Leader #6: Jenna Kutcher

My niece first introduced me to Jenna Kutcher. How is it possible that I had never heard about her before?? This is a powerhouse of a woman who teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out in the crowd in the online space, build a successful business and have fun doing it! I have learnt so much from her podcast and blog posts, you cannot help but want to follow her and see what she is up to. She is about as “real” as they come…

You can learn more about Jenna, her podcast, new book release and the plethora of training she offers for entrepreneurs here.

Leader #7: Fran Excell

Fran is a mindset coach who teaches about “mind gremlins” and gives practical techniques and spices her teachings up with personal stories on how to overcome some of the negative self-talk that houses itself in our minds. I absolutely love her podcast The Positive Pants Podcast where she teaches you how to rewire your brain and live a happier and healthier life.

We share a passion for journaling and her down-to-earth, casual chatty approach on her podcast has caught my attention and I love learning new ways of living a more positive life from her.

You can learn more about Fran Excell here.


All these great women started out with very little…some with very little money, some with very little belief and confidence in themselves. Often we imagine that these “larger than life” women that we see on social media or hear on podcasts were always the way they appear now and didn’t have to go through a major transformation of their own. But they are very much as human and normal as anyone else. I take this to mean, if they can do it, so can I!!!

Feel free to leave a comment and share some amazing people that have had an influence in your life!

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